A.K.A Craig Murray's Super Satellite

The UK's Oldest Traviling Trabant!

50ft x 50ft Space Required

Suitable For Outdoor Use Only

Suitable For Kid's* & Adults * Family's (*subject to height)

This ride spins horizontally, and then start fluctuating in a wavelike manner. There is a motor underneath the ride that makes the ride raise up and down. When you look at the ride, you shall see that the ride tilts on its side.

During the duration of the ride, the ride will change speeds. When the ride is fluctuating in its wavelike manner, the person will feel like the ride is not going that fast. However, when the ride is almost over, the person will feel forces on their body, and get pushed near the outside of the cars.

This happens when the ride starts lowering to the ground in a non-wavelike manner. When the ride moves in this way, it acts like a Himilaya / Musik Express ride. The Trabant move forwards and backwards. Because of the forces experienced on the ride, there must be two riders on the ride at all times. Most parks and carnivals require that riders be a minimum of 42 inches tall with an adult, and 48 inches tall without an adult.Seating on the ride consists of 20 seats, with two people on the left and two people on the right. There is a maximum of 40 people on the ride.

Other names of the Wipeout/Trabant are: the Mexican Hat, Schwabinchen, Hully Gully, Sombrero, Wagon Wheel, Casino and Super Satellite.


Trabant In Action
Close Up Tranbant Fun Fair Ride


Trabant A.K.A Craig Murray's Super Satellite

Equipment Supplied
Complete System inc Silent Generator To Power The Ride

Electrical Equipment
Silent Generator.

Minimum Space Required:
(w)50ft x (d)50ft once assembled a 50ft circle is required for the ride.

ADIPS  This Unit is ADIPS Tested


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