Giant Parachute.......

Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Loved by kids and adults of all ages.

Amazingly versatile for team games promoting cooperation, teamwork, exercise and lots of essential fun! A game with endless possibilities and almost limitless players for inside and out.

Follow our instruction sheet to play Shark, Cat and Mouse, Washing Machine, Chinese Whispers, Pancakes & lots more!!!. Alternatively, make up your own game for some individual fun… just don’t forget to tell us about it if you find a new one!

Barbie Bouncy Castle

Giant Parachute Play (Children & Adults)
(w)12ft x (d)12ft

Equipment Supplied
Giant Parachute, 9 Balls, 4 Bean Bag's

Minimum Space Required:
(w)12ft x (d)12ft

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