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If you love chocolate, you will love our chocolate fountain. Spoil your guests with the unique and exclusive buffet adventure. Experience the tempting smell and the irresistible flavour of flowing chocolate in an exclusive chocolate fountain and dip various fruits into it.

This all new party must-have, the chocolate fountain is the new centerpiece for any occasion, weddings, birthdays, dinner parties, christenings and company party's, corporate functions the list is endless!!!

The chocolate fountain is a highlight for the eyes and palate of your guests.

In fact you don't need an excuse to indulge and experience your favorite fruit or sweets dipped into a heavenly stream of melted chocolate. It's perfect for all your family and friends to get everyone in the mood for fun.

  • Size: 40cm high - 21.5cm Diameter
  • Stainless steel fountain
  • Simple to use and easy to clean
  • Works with virtually any quality chocolate

This chocolate fountain is currently the newest 2008 version on the market which has an easy clean spiral shaft and a simple drop on fountain tier.

It also has the latest thermostatic control which will ensure the chocolate does not over or under heat, which would cause blockages, which does occur in many other versions

After the heating of the chocolate, which may also be colored, the warm chocolate is then evenly transported via a worm shaft to the top of the fountain and flows back down the fountain in soft cascades down to the collecting bowl as a liquid curtain. A fascinating sight which will have your guests reaching out for fruits or selected pastries to cover them with soft warm melted chocolate.

It is a communicative attraction at events of all kinds celebrating its success in restaurants,
hotels, on cruisers and in catering all round the world and inspires every party.

Dip in fresh fruits on skewers (e.g. strawberries, grapes, pineapple etc. ) or a pastry
spoon in fresh warm chocolate coating - a chocolate dream becomes true!

Some of the Dipping possibilities

- strawberries
- bananas
- blue berries
- pineapple
- peaches
- dried fruits
- apricots
- kiwis
- apples
- slice of oranges
- small pastries
- brownies
- popcorn
- rice crisps

The list is endless and only limited by your imagination....

To Use:

Place the chocolate fountain on a stable, even surface in proximity of a 13amp Plug Socket.

Choose the adequate chocolate (the fountain works with every type of chocolate) Preferably, a chocolate with a high proportion of coco butter specifically produced for chocolate fondues / fountains should be used.

Fortunately, you can also use the chocolate from your cupboard or the supermarket, e.g. chocolate coating or chocolate without filling's or lumpy fillings, such as nuts etc.

Pour the chocolate preheated in the microwave or the water bath into the container, turn on the motor and the heating device - and watch the sweet, delicious chocolate flowing down the cascades. In contrast to 60W devices, also cold chocolate can be filled in and warmed in the bowl until the chocolate is liquid and can be pumped. Now you can dip in fruits, pastries etc.- anything you like, give your fancy full scope. .


1. The chocolate fountain is easy to clean, Pull the plug before dissembling, Detach the tower and the worm shaft and soak in hot water and use a cloth / sponge. Do not use any abrasive type cleaners or scourers. as this can damage & scratch the tower.

2. Preferably empty the bowl by tipping out the liquid chocolate, wipe the rest of the chocolate with a paper towel, then clean the bowl and the casing with a wet towel and dry thoroughly.

All you need to provide is:

- Chocolate
- Skewers
- Items To Dip


Chocolate Fountain


Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Fountain

Minimum Space Required:
Table / Work top / Side

All Electrical Equipment used is Fully P.A.T Tested.


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