Counter Top Ice Maker....

Simply lift the lid, fill the water reservoir and fresh ice will start to fill the internal removable basket within 10 minutes (holds appoex 120 cubes).

Manual Fill

15KG Output per 24 Hrs


Manual fill table top ice maker
No water drainage connection required
Choice of small, medium or large cubes
12 bullet shaped cubes every 10 minutes.
Capacity : Bin 2kg, water tank 3.9 litres
Dimensions : 415(h) x 365(w) x 420(d)mm.
Material : Stainless steel
Output : 15kg per 24 hours
Power Type : 0.15kW, 220-240V, 0.7 Amp single phase. Electric - plug supplied
Refrigerant : R134a
Weight: 22kg.

Pony Rides
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Pony Rides


Bounce Time's Counter Top Ice Maker

Equipment Supplied
Pat Tested Counter Top Ice Maker

Minimum Space Required:
42 (h) x 37(w) x 42(d)cm.

Rate from £25.00


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